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Agathodaimon (GER)

“Carpe Noctem (Demo) 1996”
“Near Dark (Demo) 1997”
“Tomb Sculptures (Compilation) 1997”
“Blacken the Angel (Full-length) 1998”
“Bislang (EP) 1999”
“Higher Art of Rebellion (Full-length) 1999”
“Chapter III (Full-length) 2001”
“Serpent’s Embrace (Full-length) 2004”
“Phoenix (Full-length) 2009”
“In darkness (Full-length, planed) 2012”

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Band(s) Alike / Related: Wallachia (NO)

Origins & Connections: from Mainz, Germany, the band started with Vlad Dracul (Rusu Andrei of Romanian origin) on vocals, lyrics & keyboards. The band uses Romanian lyrics from Mihai Eminescu’s poems.

Activity Periods & Styles: Agathodaimon was formed in September 1995 by Sathonys (guitar) and Matthias Rodig (drums). A first demo was recorded in April 1996, entitled “Carpe Noctem”. The music style could be characterized as symphonic black metal, with an under-produced sound. A second demo “Near Dark” was released a year later and soon a full album was scheduled for early 1998, but had to be delayed after Romanian vocalist Vlad was denied return to Germany by the authorities. “Blacken The Angel” was released without Vlad and for their second album “Higher Art Of Rebellion” the band traveled to Romania to record it. The band gradually turned from symphonic black metal to a more varied mixture of styles making it a well known Gothic band. The following releases “Chapter III”, “Serpent’s Embrace”, “Phoenix” and “In Darkness” established the Agathodaimon band among the successful but cliché Gothic Metal bands.

Best Musical Skills: lyrics and atmosphere

Short Bio & Review: Agathodaimon was formed in September 1995 by Sathonys (guitar) and Matthias Rodig (drums). After placing some ads in several music magazines, they soon found the right band mates in Vlad (vocals, keys) and Marko T. (bass). After several rehearsals, it was obvious that a second guitar player would benefit the sound of Agathodaimon. After a few months, Hyperion joined the band. Together, a first demo was recorded in April 1996, entitled “Carpe Noctem”. Although only recorded on eight tracks in just a few hours, it received excellent reviews. A second demo “Near Dark” was released a year later and soon a full album was scheduled for early 1998, but had to be delayed after Romanian vocalist Vlad was denied return to Germany by the authorities. “Blacken The Angel” was released without Vlad and for their second album “Higher Art Of Rebellion” to avoid further troubles with Vlad’s immigration, the whole band traveled to Romania’s capitol to record the second album together. In 1999 Vlad decided to leave the band due to musical differences and geographic distance. The band turned from symphonic black metal to Gothic music and image, the band wanted to mix both the progressive and melodic elements with the raw and straight attitude from the debut album. “Chapter III” marked another important step, as the songwriting procedure was changed and for the first time, a pre-production was done to analyze the songs before the final recording process. Meanwhile, more gigs and festival appearances at Wacken, Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Breeze etc. were done. The following releases “Chapter III”, “Serpent’s Embrace”, “Phoenix” and “In Darkness (planed)” establishes the Agathodaimon band among the best but also commercial Gothic ones.

Additional Info: Rusu Andrei (aka. Vlad Dracul) is also known for its personal project RA (Drusus).


Interview: Vinterriket

Interview: Vinterriket – June 2003

Vinterriket – a well known band in the underground scene being appreciated for its original special music and also for its many releases. The music Its full of emotions, a mixture of ambiental style (edit: dark ambient expression was not really a defined concept at that time!) and black metal with grim guitars, mid-slow drums and shudder clean voices which leads to a depressive and beautiful atmosphere . For short the music expresses “die Zauber der Nacht”. The man behind the music and its music in the following interview.

Hi cz, as I do not know much history about the band, could you tell me some words about you and Vinterriket? How it all started?

Hails Casian! Okay, here we go: Well, the story/ history of Vinterriket is quite boring and nothing special, I think. I have started the whole project back in late 1996. In the early days the whole thing was very slow and I was not 100% behind it.
The first demotape was released in early 2000 or in the end of 1999, I think. So it took 3 years to finnish the stuff. This was mainly because of bad equipment and so on. After the release of the demo the whole thing became more serious and I totally focused on the project. Up til now many EP\’s, CD\’s Demos and so on have been published on different labels around the globe. Too many stuff to mention, actually. Vinterriket was founded because of my endless love to the dark side of mother nature. I wanted to express my feelings and the way I see nature through this kind of art in order to satisfy myself. You know, principally I make music ONLY for myself, for nobody else! If others like the music, too: Ok. If not, I do not care at all. Of course it is great to see that many others share the same feelings, that many others have the same visions/ landscapes/ feelings inside when listening to the music of Vinterriket and that many others interpret my lyrics as I’d do myself. Then I see they got the point I want to express. Others listen to the stuff and they understand simply nothing what I wanted to express. But as I said: I do not care at all.

There are other members in the band? On the \’Sturme die letzten Stille\’ a female voice is present.

No, Vinterriket is only me and I am Vinterriket. There are no other members involved. Haewwel has helped me on two tracks in the past with female vocals as a kind of session member. If I\’ll feel to use female vocals in the future again, I\’ll ask her, this is for sure. But there are absolutely no plans to include other members. Since Haewwel was doing the female vocals in the past she was responsible for some drawings, lyrics and pictures on other releases.

How many releases to date? Searching, I found about 26 releases consists of splits, 7\” pic., demos, promo material and a few CD albums actually.

Vinterriket has released a lot during the last years, yes. Too many stuff to mention at all. There are also a lot of different versions of different releases in different countries, if you understand what I mean. the whole discography (date: 30.05.2003) is here.

What is the latest release, can you tell me some words about it?

The new CD is called \”Winterschatten\” and was just released a few weeks ago on Ketzer Records (Germany) / Desolate Landscapes (Scotland).
The CD features both, dark Ambient stuff as well as songs with guitars, drums, vocals, etc. I avoid to use the term \”Black Metal\” here. 45 minutes playing – time. The CD is a conceptional album dealing with the darkness of the winter season. Layout, music and lyrics are going hand in hand. The Ambient songs on the new CD are more atmospheric and more simple than on the last CD \”…und die Nacht…\”. More cold and more desolate. Not that orchestrated and symphonic. The new CD is, of course, limited and handnumbered (1000 copies) and comes with special packing. MC version (550 copies) is out on Bloodhead/Opressor (Ukraina) and vinyl-version is also out now (Ketzer Records).
The vinyl-version is something very special this time: The album comes as 3-7\”EP Box, including three inlays, three art cards (kind of postcards). The vinyls itself are white, black and white/black marbled. The CD is a conceptional album dealing with the coming, the presence and the darkness of the winter season. The first two, more Metal related tracks, stand for the cruel and sudden arrival of winter (Track one means translated something like “snowstorm/ onset of the white darkness” . They reflect the cruelness. The other tracks stand for the cold presence of winter (for example the last track means “the eternal ice”). Layout, music and lyrics are going hand in hand.
Here are the other translations of the titles, too:
1. Schneesturm/ Einbruch der weissen Dunkelheit = snowstorm/ onset of the white darkness
2. Winterschatten = wintershadows
3. Eisige Feuer = icy fires
4. …endlos und karg… = …endless and desolate…
5. Verschneite Wälder = snowy woods
6. Das ewige Eis = the eternal ice

I know that you are a fan of Burzum and that you embrace some of the Varg\’s ideologies. What other books or writers influenced you?

VINTERRIKET is only influenced by the dark side of nature, nothing else! Sure, you get inluenced by many things around you, you can even say by ALL things around you: Friends, books, films, landscapes, pictures, music etc. But my main source is nature. The darks side of mother nature so to speak. Of course I like BURZUM. My favourite CD of Varg is hard to tell. I do not know. I like a lot of them very much. \”Hvis..\”/ \”Filosofem\” maybe? I do not know. I also like his 2 Ambient- CD\’s. Some of his ideologies/ ideas are ok and some are pure shit. It depends. But Burzum never had a direct influence on Vinterriket….

Thanks and hails from Siebenbürgen and wish you further inspiration in future releases.

Thanx a lot for the interview. Good luck for your magazine & germaniac hails.

Music Reviews

Arathorn – …Niemals Kroender Als Was Einst War (CD)

Arathorn – …Niemals Kroender Als Was Einst War (Ger / Folter Rec. 1997) – Transylvanian medival times, Vlad the Impaler; Great Mid-tempo Black Metal.

Arathorn – …Niemals Kroenender Als Was Einst War

* 1997 Folter Records
* German mid-tempo Black Metal
* Significance: Good BM with a medieval touch and accordion.

Chaos: 8/10

It\’s not bad. What surprises it is the use of the accordion along with a few medieval elements: flute, accoustic guitar and fine sounding piano. The music is meant to put you in the times when Vlad The Impaler ruled Transilvania. The second track consists of romanian verses (cool) which describes some defeat scenes of the Turks that attached Transilvania in the 15th Centry. On the musical part sometimes the music is to booring, quite monotonous. Almost all the time the (little bit bad) drums and the guitar riffs aren\’t as I expected. I\’d liked that they should sound more powerfull and in the front of the accordion. On the other hand I like much the vocals. At last, it is a nice try and it deserves a worthy attention. Listen it.

1. In spectren pulsierender todesrinnung 8:54
2. O ultima privire asupra luptei din tinuturile transilvaniei (an armageddish view over the landscapes of transilvania) 10:10
3. Die inthronisation (der koening erwartet euch…) 6:23
4. Die hymne des winters zorn 16:35
total time 42:02

A.K. – vocals, electric guitars, electric bass
Sköll – drums, flute, tenor vocals
M. Gericke – keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitars, bariton vocals
Walter Antalics – vocals

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2002.