Interview: Gloria Morti

Gloria Morti – Ephemeral Life Span CD was a great discovery back in 2003!

Finland has a lot of young bands waiting to be discovered and many of them are ready to release very interesting material in near future. The extreme metal underground is in good hands here. About the glorification of death speaks Gloria Morti itself. The Finnish band released a very promising promo. Observe here the Extreme word, more general term instead of Black. Black Metal tends to evolve in many forms. Nowadays it is hard somehow to draw a border of styles. And maybe it is not necessary, we like the music or not, that\’s all. Gloria Morti points that out.

Hi GM, at last I do it. What is doing GM at the moment?

Algos: We are writing new material and rehearsing for future shows. Nothing much…

What was the feeling that gave birth to Gloria Morti?

Catharsis: Boredom… No seriously. It’s been over four years since we started this band and I can\’t really recall just what the hell were we thinking back then. I guess it was the same desire that we have today. The desire to create something very dear to us and have fun in the process. Algos: I would say friendship and interest to music. It was cool to hang out with friends and play Heavy Metal.

How would you describe your music? What is all about? Is Death your main ideology?

Catharsis: We prefer to call our music melodic extreme-metal. It\’s somewhat hard to label us into one specific genre, because we kind of manage to fall somewhere in between. Our music could be described as a mixture of death and trash metal combined with melancholic atmosphere and dark ambience. As for Death being our main ideology, we really don\’t have any ideologies involved in our music. Our lyrics deal with sadness and other forms of spiritual suffering and these emotions are often associated Death or loss of something precious, so Death is very closely related to our lyrics. This is also one of the reasons we picked Gloria Morti as our name.

Havoc: Yup, Cat has a point here. Anyone who knows his (or her\’s) black metal from the rest, can tell that Gloria Morti has very little to do with black metal. BM is more of an ideology than just a genre of music.Our band does not represent the black metal ideology, so we tend to avoid calling our music black metal. I’d call it thrash metal with keyboards, hah.

To compose a certain style of music one must be in a mood, must have an inspiration. Do you try to dig inside and to find the really dark force that inspires? What inspires you?

Algos: My main source of inspiration is my love for playing guitar. I don\’t have to walk in cemetery at night to write music. The music I write is just something that comes out of me. It\’s that simple.

I was impressed by your Promo 2003, modern black metal at its best, could you give me some details about it? How the press received it?

Havoc: We recorded it in three days at Sundi Coop Studios in Savonlinna, Finland with kind assistance from engineer Tuomo Valtonen. He has worked with most of the important metal bands in Finland and he is one of the best guys in the business. We are very pleased with the result. The press have received it as we expected. Some like it, some hate it. Isn\’t it the same way with every band?

An artist is an arist. Material advantage is excluded. Evil wana be posseurs are everywhere. What do you think about this? Did you have this in mind?

Catharsis: I don\’t really care. I mean, some might say that we are posers as we are often refered to bands like Dimmu Borgir, but then again, we don\’t claim to be evil, we don\’t claim to be black metal. We stay true to ourselves and ONLY to ourselves, not to some scene or ideology. So if someone thinks we\’re posers, it\’s really not my problem. And about the wannabes, If someone really thinks that standing on a pile of snow in a dark forest with their faces painted and inverted crosses hanging around their necks is even remotely evil, then I have a news-flash: It\’s not! But I shouldn\’t criticize what other people are doing, no one is criticizing our work.

Havoc: As far as I\’m concerned, I will just stay true to myself and do things the way I see fit. The rest can just fuck off, you know. I just really couldn\’t care less what other people have to say. You can\’t always please everyone, but that\’s part of the business. And usually these people who always complain about something should take a look in the mirror. This is not the early 90\’s anymore, you know. Things progress.

So, what bands is most valuable for you?

Catharsis: I listen to countless of extreme metal bands, but Nile, The Berzerker, Dark Funeral and Anaal Nathrakh are the most important ones for me. I owe a lot to their music.

Algos: Mayhem, Dissection and Emperor are the most important bands to me.

Havoc: There are so many. Iron Maiden is maybe the most important for me. Morbid Angel, Slayer, My Dying Bride, various thrash and death metal bands, both old and new. I\’m also a big fan of the swedish melodic death metal scene. Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, At The Gates, In Flames, Hypocrisy and so on. I don\’t listen to black metal at all. I prefer my music more…i don\’t know…real?

The Hecate Enthrones\’s like screaming vocals pleased me. They fit very well giving the listener a stormy feeling, grandiose. Hecate Enthroned influenced you?

Algos: We all like the band and it has influenced us especially at the beginning of our bands career.

When do you expect a full album? Did you find a label? Do you expect a contract soon?

Havoc: Very difficult to say, actually. We recieved some offers from different labels, but decided not to sign a deal with any of them. we\’ll continue to promote ourselves and see what happens. But the general feedback has been positive.

Catharsis: We have been talking about going into a studio to record a mini-album in the near future. But I will say no more, as nothing is confirmed yet. I suggest that people who are interested keep checking our website ( every now and then for more info.

How do you see the Finnish scene in particular and the whole black metal scene in general?

Algos: I like the finnish metal scene. We have good death and black metal bands (Deepred, Thyrane, Funeris Nocturnum to name a few) and lots of extremely talented musicians here (Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala for example). I don\’t think that the black metal scene really exists any more. There are only a few Black Metal bands that have been from the beginning of the black metal era and I think its good that the scene goes forward. No one can bring back the early years of the scene and no one has to. It\’s nice that good musicians don\’t waste their time in prison.

What do you know about Romania? Do you consider coming and visiting Transilvania some day?

Havoc: Well, I think everybody is familiar with the stories of Dracula and Vlad The Impaler. But I hear it is a beautiful country and visiting Romania would surely be interesting.

Thanks for the interview. Keep on with the good work and storms of inspiration. Transilvanian hails!

Havoc: Thanks for your support and stay metal!