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Sorgnatt (RO)

“Solitude Before Suicide (Demo ’05)”
“Stillness (Demo 2010)”
“One Path To Follow 7” vinyl +DVD (EP 2013)”
“Stillness (Full-length Tape 2013)”
“Follow Solitude” (Comp. 2014 Digital)
“Up The Mountain Shadow” (Single 2018 Digital)
“I Failed At Life” (Cass. Demo 2018)

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Band(s) Alike / Related: Kistvaen (RO)

Origins & Connections: comes from Romania

Activity Periods & Styles: since 2005 plays depressive, suicidal and ambient black metal, probably the first band in Romania to play this style.

Best Musical Skills: atmosphere

Short Bio & Review: Sorgnatt is a music project from Sibiu, released a demo and an online for free streaming EP (no vocals). The theme around the music is misanthropy and also has some traditional folk influences.

Additional Info: the project members are or were also involved in other projects.

Ancient Beliefs Band Rating: 9/10

Music Sample: