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“Iconografic (Your Eye) (Demo 1994)”
“Iconografic II (The Eye of Superior Knowledge) (Demo 1995)”
“Iconografic III (The Antropomorphic Image) (Demo 1996)”
“From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne (Full-length 1997)”
“A Perennial Spleen / Iconografic & Apotropaic (Split with Dies Irae 1997)”
“Sublime (Full-length 1998)”
“Aura (Full-length 2002)”
“Hell & Heaven (EP 2006)”

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Band(s) Alike / Related: Bucium (RO)

Origins & Connections: band comes from Romania

Activity Periods & Styles: active since 1993 and plays gothic-doom with archaic themes. The band released a few demos, 2 full length albums and a split until 1998. Around 2000 some important member changes put the band on-hold. The year 2002 was a come back year for the band by releasing a new album and also the year when two members moved to Portugal: the band leader Castor (Costel Lapusneanu) and later also his brother Gelu (Eugen Lapusneanu). Again a period of inactivity until 2005/2006 when an EP was released with members from Portugal. In 2011 the band played live at OST Mountain Festival.

Best Musical Skills: vocals and keyboards

Short Bio & Review: GOD is one of the oldest and most appreciated metal band from Romania. It was created in 1992 – 1993 (first under the name VOMA) by Lapusneanu brothers, Constel and Eugen. In 1994, 1995 and 1996 they released 3 demos ‘Iconografic I, II, III’ and had a lot of live activity and won at numerous festivals for their live performance. At that time in their music they incorporated a violin. In 1997 the first full length was released ‘From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne’ a great underground album that gave the band also European recognition. ‘Sublime’ was released in 1998, the music style changed a bit towards a lighter metal approach but still a great success. Then followed a period of uncertainty, with members departing or moving in Portugal. ‘Aura’ was released during these uncertain times, and until 2005 – 2006 (with the release of ‘Heaven and Hell (EP)’ the band had little activity. To note that since then the band plays from time to time live. In 2011 they were playing at OST Mountain Festival, Busteni, Romania.

Additional Info: To note that Castor (Costel Lapusneanu) runs a tatoo studio. GOD’s musical themes contains also Christian (orthodox) elements.

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Eye Of Solitude (GB)

Eye Of Solitude (GB)

“The Ghost (2011) ”
“Awoken by Crows (EP 2012)”
“Sui Caedere (2012)”
“The Deceit (EP 2013)”

Official Page: eyeofsolitude

Band(s) Alike / Related: DEOS (RO) Signatura Rerum (RO)

Origins & Connections: Doom / Death band from London UK, formed in April 2010 with members of Romanian origin.

Activity Periods & Styles: Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal. The music is inspired by emotional distress, inner pain and a cruel combination of negativity and grief. Dark shapes that terrorize the soul and keep it captive on the altar of suffering, until when not being able to breathe any longer, it finds its end – a supreme escape towards peace and eternal rest.

Best Musical Skills: vocals, guitars, atmosphere

Short Bio & Review: The Eye Of Solitude is the heart of forests where unsettled spirits dwell, it is the fear within, the carnal ripping of every thought when abandoned in despair, it is nightmare and enlightenment, a fearsome tide that carries the soul and mind onto dark realms of insanity. After \”The Ghost\”, debut album released in June 2011, and a self-titled EP (which you can listen to on ReverbNation or MySpace), the band are currently working our their second full-length, titled \”Sui Caedere\”, which will be released in June 2012.

Additional Info: Members: Daniel Neagoe (was also in Romanian bands My Shadow, Gothic, Tiarra and Amatris from Germany, also in Clouds) – Vocals; Indee Rehal-Sagoo – Guitars; Mark Antoniades – Guitars; Pedro Caballero Clemente – Keys; Chris Davies – Bass; Adriano Ferraro – Drums;

Ancient Beliefs Band Rating: 8.5/10

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