Interview: Soulless

Interview: Soulless with Daro, January 2006

Poland is a country with tradition in great extreme metal bands; Soulless is one of the new bands that certainly will have something to say in metal scene. Soulless combines technical brutal death metal with a blackened atmosphere, a perfect combination for every wicked metal soul.

This interview reveals many interesting facts about the band and the leader Daro, a musician with a big passion for playing and a listener of almost any kind of extreme metal and music.

I would begin with an off topic question, apart from music. Can you describe me a little bit the place where do you live, is you city with historical, ancient places? I have never visited Poland. What is to visit when in Poland?

Hail! Yes, I think that Poland is an interesting place and very good place for sightseeing. This is very old country. 1000 years of existence is a quite long period time. Of course not every place here is worth to see. The most important are historic monuments and old styled architecture. Almost every bigger city has its old styled districts; city centers are probably the places were you could find many interesting buildings. Of course Second World War destroyed some of them, but now they are renovated. I am living in Katowice, which is the capital of our region called Silesia (South part of Poland). But in the past these city was a center of industry (foundry, mine, steel-works) so many cultural monuments were destroyed by its progress. Now Katowice is going to be a modern like, future city. You know in the past it was the center of industry in Poland, now the system has changed and the profile of many cities also came in the other way. You were asking about ancient places. Well there are some places with ‘spirit\’ like this. We have great cathedral called ‘Cathedral of Christ the king\’… but I admire it only because it\’s really impressive building with many great paintings, domes and stained-glass windows. If you will ever have the possibility to arrive here you can also go to another city – Chorzow. There is a park with an authentic museum of culture; it\’s worth to see. From the other side, relicts of our industrial past have really dark and strange atmosphere. Many video clips of Polish bands were recorded here for example ‘Dark Age\’ (it was recorded on foundry area).

Is a good place seems for thinking metal way. How did you get into metal music actually?

I think my story could be very similar to yours and other maniax of extreme music. When I was in elementary school I started getting interested in metal music. One of the first bands I ever heard was Sodom, some time later our Polish Vader, Sepultura, Slayer and many more. When I was starting to be a fanatic of sounds like this, I thought that it would be great to play as my idols do. Well, long time passed away from this moment. But when I was 17 years old that what was only fantasy became reality. The end of 2001year was the moment when I\’ve created SOULLESS and recorded our 1 st demo. I think that\’s no difference were do you live because the story of our adventure with music is almost always very similar.

In 2001 you have formed Soulless, I noticed Soulless had more members in the past, what is the Soulless history and please remember the noticeable events till now. If you can tell the readers what is the complete discography so far, I would like to know more also about the actual \”Summoning Heresy\” material released by Ancient Beliefs label, can you describe it more?

You\’re right. Soulless history is like maze of torment hehehehe. Well I don\’t want to make you and your readers get bored, so I will tell only about the most important points in our history. Before 1 st demo we\’ve played one gig as five-member band, but after this line-up has changed. As I previously said the 1 st demo was recorded in the end of 2001, but in fact it was ready in 2002 (you know studio processes, mix & master). These demos were recorded with programmed drummer, with Michau on bass. Some time later in 2002 year, we\’ve recorded 2 nd demo, also with programmed drummer. Of course we are not a fans of it, but the problem was that in our region there was no good drummers so the machine was the only solution. Both demos were released under one title ‘Total Desecration\’. After this, I\’ve finally found the right musicians and in line-up: Daro-vocals/guitars, Borys-guitar, Michau-bas and Tomek-drums we have played some concerts. After this period many other line-up changes were killing us. After very hard time (I mean the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004) we had new line-up. The new members were Filip-guitar and Pawel-drums. And in August 2004 we have recorded ‘Peri Psyches\’. After this we were playing some gigs of course. But once again bad time came to us. Filip had to leave the band (he is now living in Finland), also Pawel stopped to be a part of this band. Year 2005 was the time we were preparing for recordings of ‘SUMMONING HERESY\’. We\’ve recorded it with help of session drummer Maciek from Mutilation/Feaces. I\’ve recorded all guitars. The plan was that our ex-guitarist Borys will help us on gigs but it failed. That\’s the shorter version of our history; there is no sense to mention all the other ex-member names so I only told you about those most important ones. From the beginning Soulless had the honor to share some splits & compilations.

To conclude, our releases are made of three chapters, I mean three materials: ‘Total Desecration\’ (it contains our 1 st & 2 nd demo recorded with programmed drummer), ‘Peri Psyches\’ and the newest one ‘Summoning Heresy\’. We were also on some split CDs for example with bands like: Exsecrator, Kamaloka, Pandemic Genocide, Arminius… I am always making small deals with distributors in every part of the word to give our music to every maniac in every country. Our actual material ‘Summoning Heresy\’ is the most massive, technical and sick stuff we ever did. But this is still the continuation of our previous sounds.

And your main reasons for actually make Soulless exist? What Soulless means to you and what it has to say?

Reason? It comes from my morbid fascination of extreme music. All genres black, death metal old thrash, also some non-metal like noise and industrial. There is something sick in all this types of music that is really interesting for me. When I am listening such carnage I feel that I am alive, all nerves and feelings are pulsing inside my mind. This bands is a blow up of my aggression and also way to express my ideological topics I usually don\’t speak with people. To sum up SOULLESS is very important part of mail life, in some sense it is also the main point of my existence coz it gives me power, sometimes hope and everything what is impossible to get from daily routine.

Are you the only who takes care on composing music, arrangements, lyrics and so on? Will Soulless have stable members?

Nowadays I am the only member from our first line-up. I am also the only music and lyrics writer- but it always was my part of ‘job\’ in the band. Now I am starting the cooperation with new members who will be probably stable members in this band for a longer time than it was earlier. Now it\’s too early to talk about them and tell their names but probably we will record our full-length debut album with them, so then I will give more information.

What\’s the inspiration of your lyrics, I found them good and they plays an important role, isn\’t\’ it? (‘Summoning Heresy\’ contains the lyrics within the booklet.)

Yes. For me lyrics are not only empty words because these are our thoughts, our memories, these are pictures of our surroundings painted by words. I think that in Soulless lyrics stands almost on equal with music. I am taking lyrics very seriously. You know, Soulless is a Death Metal band but from lyrical side we have Black Metal spirit. That\’s only my opinion but I think I am right. This genre of music is a kind of rebellion and attack not only by sound but also by message hidden in lyrics.

It is obvious you live thru death metal and blackened metal in general. Do you think of certain audience people when composing? Or the music just flows as you feel in the first place?

The second way is much closer to the truth. The writing process is very natural and it has to be natural because only in this case it is authentic and true. In the first chapter of song writing I let just flow sound and riffs out. Only in final chapter of composing I am planning some things, details and were to change something. When I am making new songs I have to be satisfied at first. This is the main law. What other people will say is also important but this is more distant than my own satisfaction from music.

What do you think about \”no faith in some \’true paths\’\”? You live more or less in a Christian world, what do you hate more about this?

Well this is a very popular question hehehehe. Yes, it\’s true Poland is a religious, Catholic country. And we are standing in opposition to this. When you are in the minority you don\’t have an easy life. People here do not tolerate people with different opinion, different faith, when your appearance is not typical or even if you are an atheist. I think society is afraid of any differences and things they do not understand also scare them. Of course this is quite normal, but in our country were 90% of people says that they are Catholic and they all have the same point of view (on politics, religion, life style etc.). Many people here see no sense in having any interest or hobbies. They are a kind of raw-minded creatures or machines, You know – the only thing they have to do is to work, have another baby, go to church and what\’s the most important – don\’t even try to make something outstanding/uncommon. Many people are losing their individual, personal features.

Death metal of the beginning nineties, Florida based death metal touched you? What do you think about this \”golden age\” when bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, Death ruled? How about the Swedish one?

I think that Death Metal have found it\’s own place on the scene. Bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation or Malevolent Creation will always have fans. Probably the ‘golden age\’ passed away for eternity but those bands are still popular. In the near past Morbid Angel was playing in our country and we were able to see a fucking crowd of fans, now many people were on Bolt Thrower gig. In next month Grave will arrive to Warsaw. As you can see those bands are still alive and kicks asses fucking hard. The best thing is that there are many new bands; I think I can call this new generation of Death Metal… Yes, Death Metal made in Florida was always a big inspiration for me, but Swedish bands also made a huge impression on me.

On “Summoning Heresy” You have included a cover of the old great band Sepultura (“Morbid Visions” era). Could you explain this choice?

Early recordings of Sepultura are my favorite ones. They have really dark spirit inside. Of course we play different music from their, ‘Bestial Devastation\’ or \’Morbid…\’ were made of very raw music and sound. But this is a music from which I\’ve started my adventure with heavy sounds.
I think that our version of “Necromancer” is quite modern with today\’s point of view but what is important it is still recognizable. Our aim wasn\’t to record and identical song but our own version that could fit well to our songs. We are always trying to record any cover coz we have many inspirations. So expect another surprises like this one in future…

Do you listen much of the other genres like black metal or dark ambient works? I saw Mrok, a great dark ambient band I know, marks the intro of “Summoning Heresy”.

Yes, I am listening to many extreme genres even these very different from one that I play. From Black Metal I like the raw version in Darkthrone style, but also the modern one like our Polish Non Opus Dei do. I also like bands like Lord, which contains raw Black Metal and old school, thrash metal. I have also some favorites in dark ambient and even in noise or military sound. I mean Mrok You mentioned, Paranoia Inducta, V-1 or Desiderii Marginis. The intro You mentioned is really made by Orias from Mrok. And I also find it as a very dark part of our material. I think it fits well to our music and is a good opener of “Summoning Heresy”. I\’m sure that I will continue the cooperation with people from this scene in future.

Talking about other projects from Poland, can you describe how is the Poland scene nowadays, underground scene; your country has really good bands that made history in the scene of extreme metal.

We have some bands that are popular through the whole world. But the essence of our scene is still in deepest hell fires of our underground. We have some bands well known through the world. But inside our country there are many other good bands. We have many praiseworthy acts of death, black, thrash and even many bands playing grind core. You can also find here many active zine\’s, webzines and couple of official ‘big\’ magazines. There are also some honest labels and even if they do not release you they can help in promoting Your band. But there is also negative side of our underground, as everywhere you can find many rip-off fuckers here.

How is to play live, You play live. Do you enjoy the live shows? How are your concerts? With what bands do you use to play, with which bands would you like to tour?

When we have full line-up we play as often as it\’s possible. This is a very important chapter of band\’s existence. We used to play with bands from the same style, the biggest parts are bands from Death Metal, but we\’ve played with some Black Metal hordes. Once, maybe twice we\’ve played with some Thrash and Heavy Metal bands. But it was a real exception. For me the style of the bands is not so important, the point is people\’s attitude. You know sometimes I don\’t like bands music but the members from this band are really good fanatics of Metal. I\’d like to tour with bands whom members I like. But of course I\’d also like to play gigs with my idols but I think that there is no sense in mentioning their names…

Not that much to tell about the Romanian scene here, personally I am curious, how do you see the Romanian scene? Something you have heard about and worth to remember? Magazines, bands?

Well I am not too good oriented in RO scene but I know bands like: Negura Bunget, Vokodlok, Labirynth Of Abyss, Abigail, Sorgnatt and Mourning Winter . This is a group of bands I know quite good from a longer time. But I do not have too many information about your press and labels. Unfortunately here in Poland is still very difficult to buy CDs from Your country.

Do you have some other projects? It seems that many musicians look to contour their artistic personality by making more than one active project. How do you balance the work on more than one project?

I think it\’s normal; I am also playing in other bands. For example in Sturmgewehr666 (old school satanic death/black), in March 2006 I will record vocals on Vanaheim\’s 2 nd demo (they play thrash metal with death influences), I am also helping Infamis (from Paranoia Inducta) in his death noise project, I\’ve just recorded guitar parts for him. Sometimes I am also helping other bands on gigs as session guitarist. It\’s a kind of passion and I can\’t stop doing it, I can\’t stop playing hehehe. As I mentioned earlier playing extreme sounds is the main point of my life. Of course sometimes there are some problems with free time and with money.

What are your plans for the future, should we expect a full release soon?

We are now starting the works on our debut full-length release. It will be a continuation of what we did till now. Maybe sometimes more experimental but still extreme. For example, on full length album two drummers will play. One will record drums in fast songs and the second one will play his parts in slower. They have different play style, so it should give an interesting effect and should make our arrangements much more massive. But now it\’s too early to talk about the final effects and details.

I shall finish this interview here, I wish you great-darkened inspiration and keep on good work, and last words are yours:
Thanx for Your support. I hope that Metal Maniax in Your country will enjoy Soulless and ‘Summoning Heresy’. Support Hellish Death Metal!

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