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Pimentola – Hämärän Seppele (CDr)

Pimentola – Hämärän Seppele (Fin / Self-prod. 2000) – Neo-classical, medieval music.

* Self-prod.MCD 2000
* Finnish neo-classical, medieval music.
* Significance: A good one-man neo-classical debut.

Chaos: 8.5/10

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Music Reviews

Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (CD)

Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (Ro / Bestial Rec. 2000) – Black Metal.

* Bestial Records 2000
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The most dim-dark NB release.

Ideology: 10/10; Style & Sound: 9.5/10

This is a release of maturity, a new scale towards artistic fulfillment. A line to fit a certain shape: black metal art in unique approach – a step forward close to that “Universal Transcendent Concept of Black Metal\” – to quote Negru. And it is indeed by means of both musical and ideologically.

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