Soundpertures Webzine – “exposing the cracking sounds”

A webzine about interesting muzik, non-ego muzik(!), sounds of cracking depths, mythical places. Music styles: dark ambient, drone, doom, black, death, sludge, stoner metal & experimental.

You can submit your material for review, but in original please, we like physical formats, like CD/CDr, cassette, vinyl (can be marked promo).

We concentrate on the positive aspects of a release and we also review the package and pressing quality of records (it is important to have in hands the original product).

Content (c) 2020 Soundpertures Webzine  & Collaborators. Some reviews (c) C.S. were originally published on  Ancient Beliefs Webzine (RIP).

Editor in Chief: C.Stefan.

Editor: L.S.