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NFT Space – NFT Kings Of Leon (Vinyl)


OpenSea on Ethereum

History of the NFT album by Kings Of Leon (2021) as vinyl token.

NFT id purchase #8xx

OpenSea.io has listed it for sale
CoinBase 0x08cbdace521203cb46b55ec77f834b541fc76cf1 – initial buy with 53$ + 60$ Ether Gas fees
Redeem only on
MetaMask: 0x8d79084caf5f0e749e569274b9cdae111ea634be – transfer NFT to MetaMask: 18$ Ether Gas fees

Transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb5b4e62bf76031f0e0537edfd0d500f9f524f3c25cbe8c792a66d1849d1345bd

Erc721 Token Txns of https://etherscan.io/token/0x6d8cc2d52de2ac0b1c6d8bc964ba66c91bb756e1


Token NFT Yourself
Overview [ERC-721]
Max Total Supply: 2,451 KLNFT
Holders: 2,130 (07.03.2021) – closing 19.03. Token NFT Yourself Overview [ERC-721] Max Total Supply: 5,550 KLNFT Holders: 4,685 Transfers: 5,941

Help: https://discord.com/channels/816780447966298132/817220291570302988
Vinyl redemption will be at a later date, after album nft sale ends in 2 weeks and they press the vinyls, could be up to 3 months. When you can redeem for vinyl you will be able to put in delivery address. Only the person/wallet the nft is in at the time vinyl redemption goes live will be able to redeem for the vinyl.

Limited Editions
-Unsold Limited Edition NFTs will be burned after the sales period.

-Vinyl redemption will begin after the sale ends on March 18th. (Http://yellowheart.io/)
-Whoever holds the token in their wallet when the vinyl becomes available will be able to redeem it for the vinyl.
-Vinyl redemption will be the same flow as digital download with the addition of shipping information and instructions.
-One vinyl will be made for each NFT sold and no more.
-Shipping will be free within the US. Shipping outside of the US can be paid with a credit card upon redemption. The token must be redeemed within a year.
-All tokens must be redeemed within a year of purchase.

Digital Album

  • Redemption of the mp3 is a one time thing.
    -After the mp3 token has been redeemed once it cannot be downloaded for that token again.
    -Token IDs are listed on the redemption page so that everyone can see if the NFT they are buying has been redeemed already or not.
    -The band and YellowHeart may decide to give token holders future perks, redeemable or other benefits to being a token holder in the future.

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