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Sorgnatt – Drăculea’s Dungeon (LP/vinyl)

Sorgnatt Draculea's Dungeon
Sorgnatt’s approach of a dungeon black metal influenced album, keeping their DSBM too.

Sorgnatt’s LP vinyl is here, available at the label and the band. With the release of their single Up The Mountain Shadow a couple of years back, we got some hints of what the development on the new LP would be. Now we have the LP in our hands, and we can add a bit of what to expect and what its meaning serves.
It is released in 24.03.2021 as a limited black LP. Limited means a run of 104, numbered edition, it came in seal, and has a red insert attached to it. The quality of the vinyl itself is great, shiny black, the pressing was done well, with mastering at Cruel Sound Works. The weight of the vinyl is around 150g. Standard vinyl cover, with side writing & black inner.
An album that gives you a bit of a different kick – the Romanian album with a dungeon approach. From that kind of obscure atmospherics to some intended lo-fi production & synth parts. A versatile style, the album has many facets – there is even some folklore inspired track, much to be discovered in the 9 tracks. And seeing the release from a broader view, it can represent a starting point on the local scene, for more dungeon inspired black metal – a very rare, yet maybe non-existent genre on the Carpathian realm itself, until now. A conceptual album dedicated to the better known emblem of most of the black metal scene in general, of the last decades indeed – His myth, even an originator of the new wave black metal which seems is still among us: Dracula, Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, Drăculea to name it his quite a few names. This album is only released on vinyl, the proper medium for such a concept, that does nothing but to add to his raw beauty, with every spin.

To the Castle
Up the Mountain Shadow
Wallachian Funeral
Into the Forest of the Impaled
Vlad’s Sleeping Dragon

Mi-am Gasit Hodina
The Dungeon to Abyss
When Night Began to Fall
Transylvanian Blood Ritual

Preview / Buy:
Mastering: Cruel Sound Works
Producer: Sorgnatt & C. Stefan
Labels: Ancient Beliefs & EM.

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