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Wallachia (NOR)

Wallachia (NOR)

“Demo 1996 (Demo)”
“Wallachia (EP 1997)”
“From Behind The Light (Full-length 1999)”
“Ceremony of Ascension (Full-length 2009)”
“Monumental Heresy (Full-length 2018)”

Official Page:

Band(s) Alike / Related: GOD (RO)
Origins & Connections: comes from Norway. The name Wallachia represents a historical and geographical region of Romania. It is the land where Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) ruled.

Activity Periods & Styles: since 1992 plays atmospheric black and extreme metal.

Best Musical Skills: guitars and atmoshere

Short Bio & Review: Wallachia is a music project from Steinkjer and was formed by Lars Stavdal in 1992. The band recorded a demo in 1996 which got very positive feedback from the underground metal scene at that time. Shortly after that a re-recording session (in studio) of the Demo was released in the form of an EP named simply Wallachia. The first full-length was released in 1999. Since then the band practically did not released any new composed material although the band was still active. In 2009 after delays the second full-length album was released, this time the style changed in a more symphonic way but the music was still recognizable as Wallachia. There is enough material written for new albums that are planned to be released soon.

Additional Info: the project members are also active in other projects, most notable beeing Golden Dawn.

Ancient Beliefs Band Rating: 10 /10

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