Interview: Oleg Novak

Oleg Novak – The Dawn Of The New Sun (dark ambient, demo CD) interview June 2003.

The new wave of ambiental (therm dark ambient not really existent at that time) yet emotional music comes into scene. The promo CD includes four tracks of fine ambiental music with folk influences. The music is composed by the promising and talented Oleg Novak from Ukraine. Ukraine…which still gives to the European metal underground culture a lot of good musicians and unique music.
Getting in touch with Oleg was very easy, being a communicative and enthusiastic interlocutor. I may address him a few questions that are meant to reveal its latest musical creation and the person behind it.

Hi Oleg, how did you start you music activity and when? Do you have some previous experience before \” The Dawn Of The New Sun \” promo?

Oleg: Hi Casian! Yes, I had some musical experience before I began individual musical activity. I played in black metal band HAVOC, but I do not think that there\’s something important to tell. We have recorded two rehearsal tapes, which weren\’t distributed. HAVOC existed from the end of 1999 to 2001. Then I began to be engaged in the isolated creativity.

How would you describe your music? What are the most influential bands of your music?

Oleg: Well, ambient strongly differs from other styles of music: here\’s no \”drive\” as in metal or rock, it is necessary to listen ambient in isolation, it is pure stream of emotions. I shall say about influences one thing: you can be under influence only if music has found echoes inside you, something close to you, when it sounds in unison with your soul. But it is not necessary to confuse it with plagiarism and imitation, it is absolutely another. Everyone should be individual, instead of someone\’s repeat. In general it concerns not only music, but art as a whole. True inspired art is something especially personal, something outside of ordinary words, orthodox definitions and empty souls. Transcendental.
Actually interests me the huge quantity of music and various directions. The list is too large and too different, well, I can allocate Kari Rueslatten, THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL (old), WITHIN TEMPTATION, THE GATHERING, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, TRISTANIA, LAIBACH, from ambient: ELEND, ARCANA, AGHAST, BURZUM, ORDO EQUILIBRIO, old black metal: DARKTHRONE, ISENGARD, SATYRICON, folk metal: STORM and OTYG, classics (Mozart, Prokof\’iev, Wagner, Vivaldi, Bach, Grieg…), different electronics: Eric Serra, Mark Snow, Emma Shapplin, ENIGMA…. and so on… endless list…

Can you make a short description (and translation) of the each of the tracks along with their meaning (if any)?

Oleg: DNS is an album a tribute to Ukraine, my native land. OK, I can describe it with something like images, which are contained in these tracks.

The first track (Steps Of Winter) I have composed in a December fullmoon, this is admiration with a frozen nature of Ukraine, then comes winter solstice and slavic holyday Kolyada.

Further goes deep depressive track  (Stones). This track is inspired with my meditative visions (memories). You know, I think, that the man receives memory of the ancestors in blood, some pictures from the past too, really rise before my eyes. Image: dark stone dungeons, wells, funeral by centenary moss, voices of stones.

\'(The Dawn Of The New Sun). Triumph of light, symbolical renovation, vital warm for strong and cruel fire for weak. Some kind of fair (natural) court the highest judge. Final image: early spring morning, the first beams above foggy hills.

Last track (In The Mist Of Ancient Forest) is immersing in a sleep in calmness of the woods.

Any writer or book that deeply influenced your way of thinking and of composing music?

Oleg: From childhood I like Slavic and German fairy tales, I think it has affected me. Also Andersen, Tolkien… documentary literature about lycanthropy and vampirism (if to take into account your location, I think you know about it not by hearsay hehe…), ancient witchcraft, legends and myths… Philosophy: Friedrich Nietzsche. Modern Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin its also interesting for me. Music: Richard Wagner and his perfect articles about art. Some historical books, etc. Here are difficult to listed all literature interesting me in full, but I can\’t say that something from it has made total influence on my outlook. Everyone sincere artist makes a start from his own heartbeat, and about influences I have said already, of course it\’s inevitable, but it\’s natural and here\’s nothing to be ashamed. External is factor too, but without internal creative (Divine!) power it will not give anything. The sincere creativity is a necessity of self-expressions, just you cannot differently.

Can you tell me some words about the current scene, both black and ambiental? Do you see some important \”evolution\” in the scene in the last few years? Which are the most valuable bands for you at the moment?

Oleg: No, I don\’t see any principal changes last years. It just became a little silent and apathetic. Most valuable bands… hmmm… it\’s hard to say, I am not interested strongly in a today\’s scene, I have a lot of old invaluable music. Though certainly, interesting new artists appears and now (and will be always as the history shows), I am just rather statically treat this. Last new stuff, which has really liked me is \’Pilot\’ by Kari.

What about future projects? I know you are already preparing a new material.

Oleg: Yes, now I am \”pregnant\” with a new album. It is the work inspired by witches sabbaths and ancient magic. Why christians burnt witches in times of \”holy\” inquisition? They were too vital for them. Too natural. Too life-asserting. Inquisitors could burn out the woman only because she is too beautiful, \”\’cause it is from Devil\”… damn it…. Music? It will be night mystical ambient, now I can\’t say more about it, besides that tracknames will be in english, and it will contain also vocal.

Thanks and I wish you good luck in future artistic projects.

Oleg: Thanks to you too for your support and interview. Hails Transylvanian lands!

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