Printed Magazine: Kogaionon #9

Kogaionon Magazine #9
Interviews with: Manes, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Misanthrope, Elend, Ulver, Nocturnus, Tvangeste, Orphaned Land, Tristania, Falkenbach, Raison d’etre.

Other Articles: – .

250 positive reviews, free promo CD.
84 A4 Pages, color cover.

Online info: http://www.kogaionon.com

* Kogaionon #9 2004
* Black Metal related and not only, in English.
* Significance: great proffesional Romanian-made magazine.

Completeness: 9/10

Well this is a mature magazine here. Since 1995 it has 9 releases which make it a one per year basis magazine which is a normal good rate. Concerning the work in it I must say it: long live Kogaionon! Good work done by Mr. Doru Atomei and its collaborators.

Going into the detailed description, the opening editorial finds the author delightful and satisfied upon it\’s work, a work to Kogaionon from 9 years now. In the same time as described here a trace of monotony sensed in proper time, lead to some restructure in the magazine\’s content which is reflected in absence of news and no more album clones reviews and only (almost 100%) positive reviews. Although the online zines takes the position of printed ones, some people including the author (me too) likes better the printed version.

Instead of news a very interesting interviews approach: presenting near future plans for different persons involved in the metal scene: bands and labels plans. It is a great initiative. The bans interviews are one of the most long ones I have ever read, various and interesting (well this depends on the interviewed one if in mood for interviews at that moment) but Doru and collaborators succeeded to ask well documented questions (even though sometimes they are quite rhetorical) that counted much in the good answers.

The reviews section is much more a comparison oriented between bands which in the end they seemed to me accurate comparisons, and by this way they gives a more objective description of the respective musical work. Using scales from 0.1 up to 1 I find it a little bit inconvenient, and if you follow this notation I think it doesn’t tell much. The magazine reviews are at point, sharply and good to follow.

Within the reviews section the magazine ends. The fact that the magazine isn’t one of a certain ideology (at least the title is one of that demands some explanation throughout some articles, maybe) there are no articles, so it is a pure interview/review oriented magazine.

The magazine comes with promotional CDs from various bands in the scene, presented or not in the pages of the magazine.

Congratulations, keep on good work!

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