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Samsa – A Forest Without Trees

Samsa – A Forest Without Trees (US / Darkwinter 2006) – Dark Ambient.

* Darkwinter Netlabel (mp3) 2006
* US Experimental-Dark-Ambient-Drone
* Significance: the most dense release of Samsa.

Chaos: 9/10

Samsa is an US based project with affinity for refined dark ambient and experimental music.

This release emanates a great amount of mistery, of unspeakable and mystic aura. It seems in a sense that it is endless, stretched to pass the time barriers, it gives the impression of something really huge in wide and depth, like a very abstract concept, quite hard to discern. The track forms a shell where the inner senses are keept alltogether, melting one into another ad infinitum.

Sound textures are very nicely crafted, the used sound sources ranges from field recordings to ambient synth. and whispered, chant voices. Calm, sometimes repetitive but not obsessively. The overall sound is very good, clear, great work done in this direction too, a pleasant to hear release.

The tracks I personally enjoy the best are: Devine Subconsciousness, Evening Meditation, Genetic Memories (the best, as it reminds me much of the places of forgotten nature beauty), Journey Beyond (for the interesting voice manipulation).

Samsa (soon Bunk Data) is a project which sound wise has a personality. After few full releases so far the experience and knowledge in working with sounds (a much demanding request in this field) really marked this latest release, so nothing but even great compositions to expect in future works for at least the same amount of sound quality.

As usual in the case of a netlabel release, the entire album can be downloaded at decent quality from the official label’ s webpage. You should act fast to download it as it\’s high quality in both aspects of compositions and sound artwork.

01 – Armchair Ascention
02 – Belief Revision
03 – Centering Prayer
04 – Devine Subconsciousness
05 – Evening Meditation
06 – Feedback Cleansing
07 – Genetic Memories
08 – Heightened Essence
09 – Introlateral Call
10 – Journey Beyond
11 – Knowing Nothing

Dedicated to alternative forms of meditation and mind expansion.

All tracks recorded Jan-Apr 2006 at Dark Winter Studios, Mpls, MN
Samsa – Drones, Vocal Distortions, Altered Percussion


DarkWinter netlabel:
Samsa features with an exclusive track on “Frozen Light” compilation by Essentia Mundi.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2006.

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