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Realm Of Carnivora – Verised Relvad (CD)

Realm Of Carnivora – Verised Relvad (Est / Ketzer Rec. 2004) – Black Metal.

* CD Ketzer Rec. 2004
* Estonian Black Metal
* Significance: Good album.

Ideology: 8/10, Sound & Style: 10/10

Dark, epic and grim Black Metal. It is fast and mid-tempo and with interesting (addicting) sound and voice.

Quite simple guitar riffs but well structured in ten tracks of misanthropic and of anti Christian dogma. “Verised Relvad” won’t change the scene but keeps the flag of hatred and ideological war against ignorant.

“I ride through the forest over the mountains so powerful”… It’s one of the few epic thoughts on the album while the music style goes in an epic, Burzum style.

To notice that this is a good example of how the Black Metal sound can be very dark without the use of the keyboards. I think this is the strength this album relies on: true Black Metal, simple with no “artistic” arrangements.

1. Intro/It returns to the Realm Of Carnivora
2. Bowers to Evil
3. Decaptated don\’t Scream
4. To War!!!
5. Bloody Weapons
6. Over The Corpses
7. Of Desire and Virginflesh
8. Raise The Sword and Hail the Horned
9. Outro/The Perishing (10th)

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2004.

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