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Ragnarok – Arising Realm (CD)

Ragnarok – Arising Realm (Nor / Head Not Found 1997) – Black Metal.

* Head Not Found 1997
* Norwegian Black Metal
* Significance: True, good piece of Black Metal of mid. nineties.

Chaos: 8/10

Ragnarok (“Doom of the Gods”), also called Götterdämmerung, means the end of the Cosmos in Norse mythology.
These Norwegians, in this release, brings the end of the Christianity, a fight against the actual name of God. It is a good typical black metal album of the mid nineties. A set of hymns of darkness that surely will offer the listener an \’enjoyable\’ trip: great drums, devastating harsh voice, fast guitars and great atmospheric keyboards.

This release, the same as ‘Nattferd’ is straight, emerging to a dream world of total ideological destruction by way of darkness; let the darkness prevail and triumph over the Earth. Some of the gods will survive and others will be reborn.

For a good and straight piece of Black Metal this is a good choice. This is one of the past albums which should not be forgotten so easily, although, I think, nowadays the subject is a little bit deprecated. With interest I am looking forward for the latest release of the Ragnarok horde.

1. Intro
2. God Is Wasted
3. Searching For My Dark Desire
4. En Verden Au Stein
5. Time Before Birth Of Light
6. My Hate Is His Spirit
7. My Refuge In Darkness
8. The Reflection From The Star World Above
9. The Fall Of Christianity
10. The Predicted Future
11. For The World I Am Blinded
12. Outro

Line up:
Thyme (Vocals)
Rym (Guitars)
Jerv (Bass)
Jontho (Drums)

Recorded at X-Ray studios (1997)
Engineered and mixed by Pål Espen Johannesen
Keyboards by Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir and Pål Espen Johannesen
Mastered at Strype Audio in Oslo by Tom Kvålsvoll

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2003.



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