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Pyrkagia – Heretic Fragments (CDr)

Pyrkagia – Heretic Fragments (Fin / Self-prod. 2002)

* Self-prod. 2002
* Finnish Black-Dark
* Significance: Great one-man band work in tracked music field.

Chaos: 7/10 (In tracked music field)

It is a “let the extreme musical stream flow”, an experimental album which consists on orchestral black metal with dark atmosphere. The output is great. Mournful, sometimes aggressive and sometimes melancholic. Within this release, seems that to rise above others it is a matter of a keyboard touch. And Pyrkagia has the ability to do it. Looking forward to upcoming ‘fragments’ from P.
It would be interesting if the music would be played with real instruments. This is in fact tracked music, nice arrangements though.

Track listing:
1. Prelude: The Struggling Spirit
2. Of Heresy
3. The Serpent Fancy
4. Aurora of New Creation
5. A Shadow in Mist
6. The Prognostic Fancy
7. Lonebird

Pantheon – all music.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2004.

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