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Dordeduh – Valea Omului (7” vinyl)

Dordeduh – Valea Omului (EP)

“Dordeduh’s first release continues the esoteric path OM’s…”
Ancient Beliefs rating 8/10 (genre: Ambient Black Metal)

The 2/3 part of Negura Bunget formed now their new main project Dordeduh. This new band basically continues the journey where Negura Bunget \”OM\” album stopped. This little piece of music (counting only 13 minutes in length) that is \”Valea Omului/Valey Of Man\”, is just a sample of the forthcoming Dordeduh full album planned to be released in the beginning of 2011. Choosing to release the material on vinyl instead of the standard CD is most than welcomed, for me it is a sign that quality is the target and that the attention to details is still there.

I must admit this is a nice and promising material, it is epic and quite full of beautiful atmosphere. Musically it speaks, it sounds, yes it is calmer & warmer, but I like the warmth veil that surrounds me while listening to it. And this warm atmosphere I think comes from the fact that the aura created is the aura from \’home\’, from these places (there is a trace of Romanian feeling in the rhythm guitars, even a bit oriental). There are put to hard work the clean guitars vs. distorted ones, multiple voice timbres, percussions & keyboards.

To me what really stands out is the voice…the voice of Hupogrammos really growed for better from release to release, and some parts of the album reveals the true versatility of his voice from whisphered and clean to harsh parts, to overlapped, multiple voices choruses. Listening even more carefully I can sense the attention to details that is outstanding, not maybe but for sure, this patience in doing it right and hard work investment makes the difference. Notice along the guitars also simple but effective keys droning. That fills greatly the otherwise not that much processed guitars.

I only miss that the release is too short and seems incomplete, the sense of incompleteness I for example didn\’t had with \’Inarborat Kosmos\’ EP.

To appreciate that the logo of the band was developed by Sol Faur and yes this is closer to what I consider a complete music-imagery artistic artefact, that it is a honest and most desirable effort if possible.

Line – up:
Hupogrammos – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussions & Toaca
Sol Faur – Guitars, Keyboards, Hammered Dulcimer & Xylophone

Guest appearance:
Flavius Misaras – Bass
Sergio Ponti – Drums & Percussions

Zuh – Cu Tunetul Muntilor

Official band homepage:

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