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Objekt4 – No Light District (CDr)

Objekt4 – No Light District (Swe / Mask Of The Slave Rec. 2006);

1.The Light That Burns Twice
2.As Bright Burns
3.Half As Long
4.Loged In ‘n Out Side White

19 minutes.

All material composed autum-winter 2004. 5.1 mixed & mastered at O.S.D. Studios Sweden in winter 2005.

* Mask Of The Slave Rec. 2006
* Swe Ambient/Noise
* Significance: Good darkly soundscapes, tuneful avantgarde sound.

Completeness: 8

The intend of this release is to envision a soundtrack of horror like movies. Haunting, madness, hallucination, paranoia these words portrays a musical work that will lead the listener to a journey; well, I personally experinced it not as a comfortable one. And that\’s because the tracks are composed so that when you are ready to lay relaxing you will be forced to loose the focus caused by intriguing noise interlaced over the relatively calmly parts. But of course it is obvious that this was the intention: frightening. Objekt4 accomplishes well this idea, the release tells something in this dirrection.

The 4 tracks are interconnected; they are a flow of eerie sounds, mixed with saxophone, flute and beat-like drum parts.

Together with the nice cover (from this release is a little piece of work that will stimulate the imagination. At the same time, for me addresses the question: how much mind openness is needed to create and listen to such tunes implementations? I think quite a lot.

Experience it.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2006.

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