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Objekt4 – Her Face Among The Shadows (CDr)

Objekt4 – Her Face Among The Shadows (Swe / Mask Of The Slave Rec. 2005); Ambiental/Noise.

2.Among The Shadows
3.Her Face

26 minutes.

Material composed, mixed and mastrered at O.S.D Studio, Stockholm by Objekt4 in autumn 2004.

There is also the DTS 5.1 CD version available within this release.

* Mask Of The Slave Rec. 2005
* Swe Ambiental/Noise
* Significance: Good darkly soundscapes, tuneful with embedded gentle sound.

Ideology: – ; Style: 8/10; Sound: 9/10

Walls and the desperate try to transcend the dark walls of seclusion. In this kind of music (soundscapes and noise) the Music redefines it\’s essence, it\’s core essence – to let the listener to absorb the vibrations and to sole feel the tunes in its intimate core. This CD is this kind of release, to be listened and to be absorbed. No special and direct message to be inhaled. (The track titles sais nothing to me and there\’s no other info on the prof. printed DVD size color cover.) I would describe it in a few words:

The promo contains 4 tracks with good such soundscapes of inner dreary feelings. Some parts are tuneful some \”rhytmic-thru-drums\” and other are subtle atmospheric parts: these are the ones I like most , they are in some way like abbildung\’s and that are the ones that makes this release gentle and also a balanced one. The second track is excellent reminding also about another ambient project: Stahlwerk9 – this second track will stay on my playlist for some undefined time. The only thing that further can be expressed verbally is that if you are not familiar with ambiental noises you may find it futile but otherwise, for me, it was a good trip thru dark walls of loneliness and desert, never ending walls, a short nightmare.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2005.

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