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Nordvargr – Awaken (CD)

Nordvargr – Awaken

WTF: weird tautological fibrillation, aka. great dark music”
Ancient Beliefs rating 10/10 (genre: Post Black Metal, Dark Ambient)

01 Awaken 04:24
02 Cellardweller 05:00
03 Kretslopp 08:14
04 Lament 02:46
05 Natt 06:16
06 Hascimh 04:04
07 Sulphur Mist 07:01
08 Seeds Of Blood (Act 1-1) 16:51

* Eibon Rec. & Code666 Rec. 2002
* Swe Avantgarde Darkwave Ambiental
* Significance: One of the most important dark ambient releases.

This album is only for the already awakened minds.This is the paradox, how can I tell you this is a brilliant release? You must be known that already or you\’ll know soon (the useless tautology). Anyhow, to any extend, the review is important by what it was not said within it! The answer is not in words at all.
Eruptive patterns flowing like the stream of matter which mock-up the Universe, patterns which makes the stuff to materialize and to develop into something \”lively\”. A progress emerged from deepest chaos, from the elemental movement, the fundamental disorder mechanism that \”excites\” anything and in the end the organic substance.

The same is the defecation at a lower level – the brain, the raised thoughts, the reality which is nothing but a reflection of these chaotic movements on the brain structure – an amalgamation and blending of interacting nerv cells, chemical and electro(magnetic) forces. From this patterned holistic structure the most powerful \”sparks\” give birth to what we defined as thoughts – as a consequence, the \”reality.\”

Subliminal but through tuneful and discordant buzzing noise messages, Nordvargr tries to awake (to) something. He\’s to catch up the mind from an unobserved reality before, undetectable at conscious level. The \”research\” is at the border of which we can sense something (at least logically speaking there must be a border), and there it is something that \”works\” but without \”real\” results yet – the unborn thoughts (maybe dreams).
So many absurdities manufactured by the human mind are now demystified to the lowest level, to the core. Maybe that region of the brain responsible with the garbage collection is exaclty the estetical center, the one that like all kind of strange things.

Laughing at the \”extraterrestrial or origin of life\” researchers, to the Freud\’s logical approach in analyzing the results of a chaotic structure, laughing at the search of something which doesn\’t exist but only within our mind, within our fabrica of thoughts and meanings, with our \”interface\” to the world – the conscious part of the brain that \”knows\” nothing, the knowledge lies beyond the dreams. Thoughts which are that result from the chaotic amalgamation on the quite the same physical structure of the brain of each human being – the mind is our limit. We are the same in the end, we\’re thinking quite the same, see the same reality…but we falsely put everything in categories. Why?

The music is constructed with some repetitive patterns combined with utterly dark soundscapes and a little use of whispered voices; overall horror atmosphere, panic increasing passages, earthquakes, and finally some bells and drums are meant to put some order in chaos – see that in \’Sulphur Mist\’ (the one track I would like to hear watching the Earth in times of the end, will there be an eternal eclipse?) and in the \’Seeds Of Blood\’. This is real raw and core sound. The sound of the big tomb.

There is nothing new within our world, just think that all these feelings bring about within this release are a part of you, hidden, incredible but true. Many of us do not \”see\” them or do not have experienced them yet by this form – through the help of the finest form of all arts – the music. Try this release, it may tell you some things…

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2004, revised 2012.

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