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Negura Bunget – Zirnindu-sa (CD)

Negura Bunget – Zirnindu-sa

“Probably the first good atmospheric black metal full length Romania’s”

* Bestial Records MC 1996, Breath Of Night CD 1998
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The first outstanding Romanian black metal release. Atmospheric rude yet melodic with archaic lyrics.

Ancient Beliefs rating 10/10 (genre: Black Metal)

This album still remains for me the most preeminent release of Negura Bunget. Recorded in twenty hours the result it is a direct, pure black metal effort, one of my favorite release of the genre.

It’s mid to fast tempo black metal with devastating drums (Negru\’s drumming style is unique, the flood comes straight, making and maintaining the tempo of the entire album – the drums leads), harshed voice and good peaced background keyboards. Music-wise not original but fresh and surprisingly good for a Romanian band then. An influence of Norwegian black metal is evident. (The band is a declared Emperor fan.)

I think the very important part is the ideology within this release. In general if the ideology is well emphasized, and it is here, then the music comes artlessly all emerging to a pure form of art. It is really the case for this particular release: the lyrics relies on a genuinely intellectual effort (historical and language research) on ancient Romanian history and culture of the Thracians/Dacians particularly. Even further, a mystic feeling is embedded here, inspired from the Transylvania\’s unique territory and spirituality. This is a mystic place beyond today\’s human comprehension and far distinctive from today\’s men\’s intrinsic values, a place where one can search and find it\’s primordial spiritual roots by restoring the identity part from the collective unconscious of this space. Based on this reflection, on the historical facts (way before Anno Domini) and on the discovered vestiges, on this release is an unique try to: roughly write lyrics in ancient and unspeakable language, to scream forgotten curses, and to mainly setup the basement of a strong and authentic ideology that later was to be based on the next Negura Bunget releases.

Comprehend black metal: the most severe approach in making music with ideology an influential cultural weapon. A point that metal genre has achieved the top in aesthetic facet: this is raw black metal with an interesting ideology.

I think with these eyes the NB\’s music should be seen for a full concept acquaintance within their musical approach. A release that shines even in 2012, long after Negura Bunget partly dissolved.

“Bata-te Dunarea Catra Zsalamolkxisa Zirnnnnind.”

Recorded in Dec. 1997. First release by Bestial Rec. as MC only. Released later on CD by Breath Of Night / USA (Akenaten of Judas Iscariot) in 1998. Re-released as part of 3 CD BOXSET in 2004. Released also as LP version (500) in 2004 by Darkland Rec (Ge). And a re-mastered version (probably remixed) is also available, by Lupus Lounge.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2004, article revised 2012.

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