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Negura Bunget – ‘n Crugu Bradului (CD)

Negura Bunget – ‘n Crugu Bradului (Ro / Code666 Rec. 2002) – Black Metal.

* Code666 2002
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The most important album in the Romanian scene yet.

Chaos: 10/10

“Cu roua-n picioare / Cu ceata-n spinare” the Transylvanian trio has unleashed the veil of pure Transylvanian Black Metal art. Timeless, dark and pure.

Transylvanian primordial times are revealed, the doors of unknown are open, the void of human conscience can be filled, filled with the Universe, with the Nature and it’s “spiritual emanation” living within and through it, transcendental, forever.

The self-contained and well organized Universe: it seems that the principle of four leads all the ways. Zsalamolkxa\’s sons … enter the journey.

This release is very Romanian specific one, more folk influenced, the most of all Negura Bunget’s releases. (It is dedicated one of true Romanian spirit carrier: Tudor Gheorghe.)

The Transylvanian spirituality concept developed by Negura Bunget has a new level; so to say it is a more ‘Earthly’ one, closer to the traditional and to the nature. So, musically you can find calm parts, percussion elements together with traditional peasants wind instruments, clean vocals meant to face somehow the lyrics – a very important aspect of the release, and all of these together with the extreme musical approach carefully arranged to still preserve the Black Metal feeling.
It is a state of the art in this direction.

Track listing:
+ ‘Vazduh’ – Videoclip.

Besides special CD case, a killer multiedia interface with info and pictures is present on the CD.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2004.

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