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Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (CD)

Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (Ro / Bestial Rec. 2000) – Black Metal.

* Bestial Records 2000
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The most dim-dark NB release.

Ideology: 10/10; Style & Sound: 9.5/10

This is a release of maturity, a new scale towards artistic fulfillment. A line to fit a certain shape: black metal art in unique approach – a step forward close to that “Universal Transcendent Concept of Black Metal\” – to quote Negru. And it is indeed by means of both musical and ideologically.

Unarguably in terms of blackness and strangeness this is the most preeminent of NB\’s releases so far. This is a release that will, without doubt, survive to time condemnation: it\’s an album with great musical prospective (I mean that we can expect a re-master for even a better exploitation of its potential – as Hupogrammos disciples said to me). What differentiate this album from the other NB albums is the general dimmer and darker atmosphere created by haunting vocals and screams, twisted guitars, raw drums and hollow keyboards. To note, that the lyrics for this release aren’t publicly obtainable. They seems to deal more with personal matters of H. and/or the lyrics are in a very specific way written so one can\’t understand them even if available (I suppose that the lyrics are in an regional language, descendant of an early Vedic idiom – just a hypothesis).
The music part is far away from \”standards\”: it\’s not that raw in sound, it’s not that harmonious (keyboards are used to add a slight dynamism of the sound), it\’s not predictable (non-standard metal measures within the drumming part) and all this still well balanced on all the sixty minutes of the record to bring out an outstanding, great specific work.

In a black metal scene full of common sense in ideology and decent attitude in music (read clones) towards over and over again building the same thinkable/songable elements MS has broken the \”rules\” in the field – a release which can\’t be easily assimilated: what understable words? What riffing? What 4/4 drumming parts? None, you have reached the point of no return, trapped in atemporality, lost in ancient times of something mythical, archetypal about this special space of Transylvanian aura. In the second stage, ideologically it seems that the \”collective consciousness\” representing this ancient Transylvanian spirituality just begins to be awakened by listening to MS. Concerning this awareness, I think only a few (well, old-blood Transylvanian “spirits” first, others must reflect twice when trying to say more about this particular ideology) would wholly understand and realize its fundamental meaning. It’s specific.

The recording (as with all the releases so far, including OM) sends the listener to that primeval reference point in time and space and then \”gently\” constructs itself with no compromises at all. Yes, it is all an issue of reference point – I’d say go to the essence and do no or little compromises then suppositions. Transcend to the essence. (How can someone claim a terrain of their own, one that stands still belonging to nobody since billions of years and still after that the only human owners are the ancient civilization as the originators of all the Indo-European civilization?) So, we found out that NB music in general is not political at all nor anti-….

Where the men are located within MS? Well, almost nowhere as it was envisioned as a part of the Transylvanian backgrounds – no place for the actual men, no connection with today’s world. It\’s about that man whose only \”advisers\” were The Sun, The Moon and The Night – the \”Maiastu Sfetnic\”.

Just to make some aware of this, MS album (and NB beliefs) has enclosed a myth and it is still well hidden – it is \”something\” which can\’t and mustn\’t be logically explained at all. If you possess the thoughts/feelings (let’s say the blood) uttered in the release you will recognize it by just listening the albums.
I have the feeling that MS is by some means born exactly at the right time and will always be a right time for it. It’s powerful, elite work. We are consecrated by taking part to its revelation. Own it!

vremea locului sortit
in-zvicnirea apusului
a-vint in abis
al locului
plecaciunea mortii

Recorded between 5 May – 7 June 2000 at Bilutza Rec. Studio Timisoara.

Sol Faur Spurcatu
Hupogrammos Disciple\’s

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2005.

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