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Nargaroth – Prosatanica Shooting Angels (CD)

Nargaroth – Prosatanica Shooting Angels (Ge / CD No Colors Rec. 2005) – Atmospheric Raw Black Metal.

* No Colours Rec. 2004
* Ge Atmospheric Raw Black Metal
* Significance: sincere flow of anger thru good raw black metal

Chaos: 8/10; Style & Sound: 10/10

Black metal evolved to a point with many possibilities in aesthetic expression: personal feelings and visions on darker inner side even with autistic advance. Only the last ones succeed in writing good music, tunes that capture well the feelings and some certain way of thinking. You have to hate, sincerely, and K does.

Why N still have to use the cliché words with \”satan\” in content? (This justifies the Chaos qualificative.) This is dark romanticism, hate is all about, if this is satan then I understand. And the music alleged it all: hate upon love (yes, \”because I love, I hate\”) and misanthropy. No Dark Throne fan, I think I understand, the music is far more wide-ranging in ideas, do you ever think of how is to live below the ocean? \”Thinking Below To Ocean\” is the most sustaining track on this assertion…who the hell has thought to mix extreme metal aura with dolphin underwater sounds? It is so satanic…ha-ha, I like this track, you should begin to worship this mammal, they are so grey. (“Satan\’s Penguins” – great music, disbanded because of lack of attention from the “true” scene; almost certainly they were not so brilliant to call themselves \”true satanic\”).

The music, the raw music within the atmospheric elements (chorale voices (that voices that tend to replace the keyboards but the results are the same) and some stolen spoken words fragments of some \”evil\” people) makes this release a great one to listen to – even though K states that he didn\’t spent much time in composing it, it is obvious that the past albums has offered him a good background and balanced knowledge of mixing and playing the instruments, just enough to put himself on good black metal tunes.

1. Love Is Always over with Ejaculation
2. Be Dead or Satanic
3. Satan Industries
4. Thinking Below the Ocean
5. Black and Blasphemic Death Metal
6. A Tear in the Face of Satan
7. The Dark Side of the Moon
8. Hunting Season
9. I Bring My Harvest Home

Recorded in Ian/Feb 2004. Song 4 in 2001.

Kanwulf all instruments.

Copyright: C.S. / Ancient Beliefs 2005.

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