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Sorgnatt – Drăculea’s Dungeon (LP/vinyl)

Sorgnatt Draculea's Dungeon
Sorgnatt’s approach of a dungeon black metal influenced album, keeping their DSBM too.

Sorgnatt’s LP vinyl is here, available at the label and the band. With the release of their single Up The Mountain Shadow a couple of years back, we got some hints of what the development on the new LP would be. Now we have the LP in our hands, and we can add a bit of what to expect and what its meaning serves.
It is released in 24.03.2021 as a limited black LP. Limited means a run of 104, numbered edition, it came in seal, and has a red insert attached to it. The quality of the vinyl itself is great, shiny black, the pressing was done well, with mastering at Cruel Sound Works. The weight of the vinyl is around 150g. Standard vinyl cover, with side writing & black inner.
An album that gives you a bit of a different kick – the Romanian album with a dungeon approach. From that kind of obscure atmospherics to some intended lo-fi production & synth parts. A versatile style, the album has many facets – there is even some folklore inspired track, much to be discovered in the 9 tracks. And seeing the release from a broader view, it can represent a starting point on the local scene, for more dungeon inspired black metal – a very rare, yet maybe non-existent genre on the Carpathian realm itself, until now. A conceptual album dedicated to the better known emblem of most of the black metal scene in general, of the last decades indeed – His myth, even an originator of the new wave black metal which seems is still among us: Dracula, Tepes, Vlad the Impaler, Drăculea to name it his quite a few names. This album is only released on vinyl, the proper medium for such a concept, that does nothing but to add to his raw beauty, with every spin.

To the Castle
Up the Mountain Shadow
Wallachian Funeral
Into the Forest of the Impaled
Vlad’s Sleeping Dragon

Mi-am Gasit Hodina
The Dungeon to Abyss
When Night Began to Fall
Transylvanian Blood Ritual

Preview / Buy:
Mastering: Cruel Sound Works
Producer: Sorgnatt & C. Stefan
Labels: Ancient Beliefs & EM.

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Nordvargr – Awaken (CD)

Nordvargr – Awaken

WTF: weird tautological fibrillation, aka. great dark music”
Ancient Beliefs rating 10/10 (genre: Post Black Metal, Dark Ambient)

01 Awaken 04:24
02 Cellardweller 05:00
03 Kretslopp 08:14
04 Lament 02:46
05 Natt 06:16
06 Hascimh 04:04
07 Sulphur Mist 07:01
08 Seeds Of Blood (Act 1-1) 16:51

* Eibon Rec. & Code666 Rec. 2002
* Swe Avantgarde Darkwave Ambiental
* Significance: One of the most important dark ambient releases.

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Negura Bunget – Zirnindu-sa (CD)

Negura Bunget – Zirnindu-sa

“Probably the first good atmospheric black metal full length Romania’s”

* Bestial Records MC 1996, Breath Of Night CD 1998
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The first outstanding Romanian black metal release. Atmospheric rude yet melodic with archaic lyrics.

Ancient Beliefs rating 10/10 (genre: Black Metal)

This album still remains for me the most preeminent release of Negura Bunget. Recorded in twenty hours the result it is a direct, pure black metal effort, one of my favorite release of the genre.

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Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (CD)

Negura Bunget – Maiastru Sfetnic (Ro / Bestial Rec. 2000) – Black Metal.

* Bestial Records 2000
* Romanian Black Metal
* Significance: The most dim-dark NB release.

Ideology: 10/10; Style & Sound: 9.5/10

This is a release of maturity, a new scale towards artistic fulfillment. A line to fit a certain shape: black metal art in unique approach – a step forward close to that “Universal Transcendent Concept of Black Metal\” – to quote Negru. And it is indeed by means of both musical and ideologically.

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NFT Space – NFT Kings Of Leon (Vinyl)


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History of the NFT album by Kings Of Leon (2021) as vinyl token.

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Erc721 Token Txns of

Token NFT Yourself
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Vinyl redemption will be at a later date, after album nft sale ends in 2 weeks and they press the vinyls, could be up to 3 months. When you can redeem for vinyl you will be able to put in delivery address. Only the person/wallet the nft is in at the time vinyl redemption goes live will be able to redeem for the vinyl.

Limited Editions
-Unsold Limited Edition NFTs will be burned after the sales period.

-Vinyl redemption will begin after the sale ends on March 18th. (Http://
-Whoever holds the token in their wallet when the vinyl becomes available will be able to redeem it for the vinyl.
-Vinyl redemption will be the same flow as digital download with the addition of shipping information and instructions.
-One vinyl will be made for each NFT sold and no more.
-Shipping will be free within the US. Shipping outside of the US can be paid with a credit card upon redemption. The token must be redeemed within a year.
-All tokens must be redeemed within a year of purchase.

Digital Album

  • Redemption of the mp3 is a one time thing.
    -After the mp3 token has been redeemed once it cannot be downloaded for that token again.
    -Token IDs are listed on the redemption page so that everyone can see if the NFT they are buying has been redeemed already or not.
    -The band and YellowHeart may decide to give token holders future perks, redeemable or other benefits to being a token holder in the future.
Bands Lexicon



“Iconografic (Your Eye) (Demo 1994)”
“Iconografic II (The Eye of Superior Knowledge) (Demo 1995)”
“Iconografic III (The Antropomorphic Image) (Demo 1996)”
“From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne (Full-length 1997)”
“A Perennial Spleen / Iconografic & Apotropaic (Split with Dies Irae 1997)”
“Sublime (Full-length 1998)”
“Aura (Full-length 2002)”
“Hell & Heaven (EP 2006)”

Official Page:

Band(s) Alike / Related: Bucium (RO)

Origins & Connections: band comes from Romania

Activity Periods & Styles: active since 1993 and plays gothic-doom with archaic themes. The band released a few demos, 2 full length albums and a split until 1998. Around 2000 some important member changes put the band on-hold. The year 2002 was a come back year for the band by releasing a new album and also the year when two members moved to Portugal: the band leader Castor (Costel Lapusneanu) and later also his brother Gelu (Eugen Lapusneanu). Again a period of inactivity until 2005/2006 when an EP was released with members from Portugal. In 2011 the band played live at OST Mountain Festival.

Best Musical Skills: vocals and keyboards

Short Bio & Review: GOD is one of the oldest and most appreciated metal band from Romania. It was created in 1992 – 1993 (first under the name VOMA) by Lapusneanu brothers, Constel and Eugen. In 1994, 1995 and 1996 they released 3 demos ‘Iconografic I, II, III’ and had a lot of live activity and won at numerous festivals for their live performance. At that time in their music they incorporated a violin. In 1997 the first full length was released ‘From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne’ a great underground album that gave the band also European recognition. ‘Sublime’ was released in 1998, the music style changed a bit towards a lighter metal approach but still a great success. Then followed a period of uncertainty, with members departing or moving in Portugal. ‘Aura’ was released during these uncertain times, and until 2005 – 2006 (with the release of ‘Heaven and Hell (EP)’ the band had little activity. To note that since then the band plays from time to time live. In 2011 they were playing at OST Mountain Festival, Busteni, Romania.

Additional Info: To note that Castor (Costel Lapusneanu) runs a tatoo studio. GOD’s musical themes contains also Christian (orthodox) elements.